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Decision Support

We believe that no matter how difficult a person’s situation is there is always hope.


When imagining our future, we expect that we will get pregnant when we are ready, emotionally and financially at the right time with the ‘right’ person.

The problem is that most pregnancies are unexpected causing shock, stress and fear.  In this situation, most women think abortion is the solution or perhaps their only option.

At Esencia Life Centre we want to alleviate the fear and isolation and help women understand that if they choose to continue their pregnancy, they are going to get the step-by-step support they need to feel prepared for this incredible life transition.

To get support, simply make an appointment so that you can discover your pregnancy options in a non-judgemental and safe environment.  If you’ve had an abortion before or experienced pregnancy loss and are afraid of how this pregnancy will affect you, please know that we have walked alongside many women who have found the courage to face their difficulties and grow through them.  

Don’t stay alone. Let us help you find the hero within.  

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