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Abortion Recovery

Helping women, men, and families recover after an abortion decision

after abortion support

Abortion can have a deep ripple effect. You may have had an abortion in your past or your life has been profoundly affected by abortion. Talking to someone about your abortion can be of great help in healing from any pain or regret that may exist.

The group facilitators or individual counsellors include women who have personally experienced abortion or have been deeply affected by this choice. If you need to talk about your abortion experience with people who care and understand, contact us confidentially today.

hope and healing

Whether you had an abortion many years ago or very recently, we understand that you may need to talk through your emotions and feelings surrounding your abortion. Reactions to an abortion vary from person to person, but everyone involved in the decision will be changed by it. 

For dates and times for our after abortion support programs, or to schedule individual counselling, please call our centre for more information. All calls and classes are confidential. 

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