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What Our Clients Say

Marriage counselling after abortion

My relationship was suffering after the decision to terminate my pregnancy. Essentially, I made the decision independently and doing so untangled so many deeper issues that my partner and I didn’t realise were having a strong impact on our relationship. With Josi and Peta from Esencia, we untangled each issue and dug deeper within both myself and my partner.

My partner and I had our own opinions about the pregnancy and not until we seeked help from Esencia did we truly understand each other and how to listen to one another. We learned that it is ok to have an opinion that the other may not agree with but to give each other the respect to listen.

To discuss and share all decisions. To invest in our relationship. We learned that confrontation doesn’t have to be a bad thing and that there is such a thing as healthy confrontation. This tool was priceless to my partner and I, as we saw confrontation as a problem and would avoid it at all costs.

I am so thankful for Esencia and all their help and support. Who knows where my relationship would have ended up without their guidance through such a deeply traumatic time. My weekly sessions with Josi were vital to my healing and also mending my relationship. - Anonymous 

Unplanned Pregnancy/Options consultation/Decision Support

I have found the centre invaluable and a solace through my unplanned pregnancy journey. It's allowed me to get advice and guidance, whilst I share my inner thoughts. It's a safe place and comfort where I have come to learn and accept and plan for new aspects of my life. It has allowed me to receive counsel and feel valued." - Lauren

Unravelled Roots

I was feeling broken, trapped, and lost within myself and felt I was falling apart. I needed to find help to understand, to express and release some of the feelings that had been squashed and repressed. I had experienced childhood sexual abuse and carried the burden for a very long time. In reaching out, I was guided and supported through the Unravelled Roots program. This was a challenging journey, but also a healing one. The program helped me to find and explore my tangled roots, my damaging behaviours and call out the lies I had been telling myself. It helped me to understand more of the whys behind some of my coping mechanisms and life’s choices and to embrace the actual truth. I learned I am unique; I have value and worth, and I am worthy of love.

This program unravelled my roots and helped give me some practical tools to continue growing through forgiveness and healing.’  - Nicole

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