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Unravelled Roots

Are you weary of finding yourself in the same painful cycles no matter how hard you try to break free? Do you long for life to be different?

unravelled roots program

There are reasons why you find yourself in the same places of hurt and struggle time and time again. Today’s damaging behaviours and choices are often tied to yesterday’s childhood pain and other traumas that lie beneath the surface. Until we recognise this, we will continue to make the same poor choices.  

In our Unraveled Roots program, you will have help to:

  • Identify the root causes behind your destructive choices and patterns.

  • Expose the lies you believe about yourself, as well as other damaging behaviours and mindsets that you may not even realise are limiting and destructive.

  • Change your life and legacy by establishing new, healthier patterns one small step at a time.

For dates and times for our Unravelled Roots program, or to schedule individual counselling, please call our centre for more information. All calls and classes are confidential.

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