Support Groups


We currently have the following support groups up and running:

(we will be starting more in the near future) 

Abortion recovery

Keys to Hope and Healing

Have you been affected by an abortion experience?  If so, this booklet/program can help you. 

You are not alone in how you’re feeling right now.  Many men and women have gone through a range of emotions after their abortion, but are now on the journey to hope and healing. 

You can start your journey today.

Contact our centre for one on one support or our group recovery program now

H.E.A.R.T Program

This is a faith forward support resource for both men and women. 

This is available for those who are looking for support within a Christian framework and fellowship.

This seven-week program covers topics such as:

  • feeling & emotions

  • defense mechanisms

  • anger 

  • grief

  • forgiveness

  • dealing with shame and guilt

  • healing and restoration.

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